LPG Turbine Pump

LPG Turbine Pump


Regenerative turbine process pump for transfer liquid petroleum gases such us propane, propene, butane and their mixtures. Pump are designed for maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions. Pump is most suited for LPG transfer due to its seal less design ensuring zero chance of leakage.

Features & Benefits

  • Single stage.
  • Vortex impeller, single suction.
  • Explosion protection drive.
  • Adapted to contaminated gas.
  • High reliability and maintainability.
  • Ideal for low capacity applications that require medium to high head.
  • Free-floating has no metal-to-metal contact and minimizes wear between the pump casing, impeller and cover.
  • No vibration or pulsation - delivers years of quiet trouble-free service.
  • By simply removing the pump cover, you can easily replace the internals without disturbing the piping.
  • Continuous duty service.
  • Complete interchangeability analogues Corken FD-150 or Ebsray R10.
  • Flanged connections.
  • High-quality mechanical seal.
  • Available in base-mounted and drive-coupled configurations.

Construction Materials

  • Ductile Iron
  • Stainless Steel


  • LPG Terminals
  • LPG Distribution
  • LPG Dispensing Solutions
  • LPG Truck & Transport


  • Flows to 7 m3/h (30 gpm)
  • Heads to 160 m (525 ft)
  • Pressures to 16 kg/cm2 (232 psi)
  • Temperature range -40 to 45°C (-40 to 113°F)
  • Power 5.5 kW (7 hp)
  • Speeds 2,900 rpm

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