Multi-Stage Barrel Pumps

Multi-Stage Barrel Pumps


Centrifugal, radial split-case, between bearing, multi-stage barrel pumps is a high temperature, high pressure low specific gravity pump for critical services. It has wide hydraulic range and performance of a ring section pump, but demand the design and maintenance attributes of a barrel pump. Specifically designed for boiler feed applications in thermal power stations.

Features & Benefits

  • Multistage, tandem impeller design.
  • Single and double casing.
  • Centerline mounted.
  • Diffuser casing.
  • Thrust compensation by balance drum or opposite impeller groups.
  • Top-Top nozzle arrangement.
  • High-strength rigid bearing housings.
  • Flanged connections.
  • Enclosed impellers, single suction.
  • Choice of wide range mechanical seals.
  • Available in drive-coupled configurations.

Construction Materials

  • Cast Iron
  • Carbon Steel
  • Other materials available upon request


  • Boiler Feed Booster
  • Boiler Circulation
  • HVAC
  • Chilled & Hot Water Systems
  • Combined Heating & Power Stations
  • Power Generation
  • High Pressure Applications


  • Flows to 600 m3/h (2600 gpm)
  • Heads to 3200 m (10500 ft)
  • Temperatures to 165°C (329°F)
  • Solids to 0.1 mm (0.004")
  • Power to 8000 kW (10700 hp)
  • Speeds to 6,300 rpm

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