Railcar Positioning System MU-12

Railcar Positioning System


MU-12 railcar positioning system is a compact, capable and cost-effective winch based mechanism that is custom designed to move single railcars or groups of cars with sturdy construction and safe, reliable operation. System is environmentally sound, easy to install and operate, less costly than larger systems and requires very little maintenance. It is the ideal solution for small to mid-size loading, unloading and repositioning applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Smooth core capstan.
  • Pulling sheave.
  • To position up to 12 railcars, weighing up to 600 tons.
  • Used for flat or sloped track.
  • Single direction or bi-directional pulling.
  • Fully sealed helical gear box and features constant oil bath lubrication.
  • Flange mounted 3 phase 50 Hz TEFC motor on 230/400 VAC.
  • Integral lifting eyes on steel frame are provided to facilitate transport and installation of the system.
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame and capstan construction with bolt down provision.

Additionally, we offer all the auxiliary components needed to complete your system. This includes wire ropes, sheave blocks, pulling hooks, bridles and trolley.


  • Moving & Spotting Railcars
  • Rail Yards
  • Loading/Unloading Terminals
  • Oil Terminals


  • Line Pull (Nominal Capacity): 10 t (22000 lbs)
  • Line Speed: 0.2 m/s (39 fpm)
  • Travel Distance: 250 m (820 ft)
  • Wire Rope Diameter: 25 mm (1")
  • Motor: 26 kW (35 hp)
  • Gearing: Helical/parallel gear box
  • Brake: Automatic electrohydraulic
  • Weight (no cable): 4600 kg (10100 lbs)

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