Wave gearboxes and geared motors

Wave reducer (gearbox) - a gear unit, in which the motion is transmitted between the units moving waves flexible wheel deformation. Kinematically it is a planetary gear with a flexible wheel. Flexible toothing deformed wave generator and engages the central wheel in the two zones.

Appropriate choice of parameters and forms the engagement wheel flex deformation allows to obtain a large number of pairs of meshed teeth. Multi engagement defines all the positive qualities of the gear in comparison with others: less weight and dimensions, higher kinematic accuracy, less backlash, a higher damping capacity, little noise.

Wave gears allow for large transmission ratios in a single stage. Thus the efficiency of the same, as in the planetary gear between the same gear ratios.

Wave reduction motor (geared motor, gearmotor) is a device that combines an electric motor and gearbox wave. Execution of such gearmotors can be on the feet or flange.

The main advantages of this type of geared motors include: a large gear ratio, with a small number of parts, improved weight and size characteristics, high kinematic accuracy and smooth running, high load capacity.
Disadvantages include high strength main elements of the flexible wheel and wave generator, a lower torsional stiffness.

Wave gearboxes are widely used in aviation and space technology, industrial robots and manipulators, in drives of load-lifting machines, machine tools, conveyors and others.

We can offer you the following range of wave gearboxes:

  • Reducers single-stage 3V

We can offer you the following range of wave gearmotors:

  • Gearmotors single-stage 3MV
  • Gearmotors single-stage gear 3MVz