Helical gearboxes and geared motors

Helical (cylindrical) reducer (gearbox) is designed for use in drives of different machines and mechanisms for changing the torque and speed. Reducers cylindrical horizontal working position in the horizontal reference plane down vertical cylindrical work upright. When reversing the permissible torque must be reduced by 30%.

Cylindrical gearboxes produced with a range of ratios from 3 to 200. Usually, one stage may be insufficient to achieve the desired range of gear ratios, resulting, wide application get two-stage and three-stage cylindrical reducers. In them to transfer used movements cylindrical slanting-tooth gears, that are mounted on the flange or legs.

We can offer you the following range of cylindrical gearboxes:

  • Reducers single-stage 1CU
  • Reducers two-stage 1C2U and 1C2N
  • Reducers two-stage narrow 1C2U
  • Reducers two-stage RM
  • Reducers two-stage RCD
  • Reducers two-stage CDN
  • Reducers two-stage crane C2
  • Reducers two-stage crane RK
  • Reducers two-stage crane GPSH
  • Reducers two-stage special CDND
  • Reducers two-stage worm-cylindrical CHC
  • Reducers two-stage conic-cylindrical KC1
  • Reducers three-stage worm-cylindrical CHC2
  • Reducers three-stage conic-cylindrical KC2
  • Reducers three-stage 1C3N
  • Reducers three-stage narrow 1C3U
  • Reducers three-stage special CTND
  • Reducers three-stage with vertical shafts special CSN
  • Reducers three-stage vertical crane V
  • Reducers three-stage vertical crane VK
  • Reducers three-stage vertical crane reinforced VKU

Cylindrical reduction motor (geared motor, gearmotor) - a unit, which is a combined in one unit the electric motor and cylindrical gearboxe. As element of the electric drive, it is widely used in all areas of industry. Its advantages - high efficiency, easy maintenance, small density, simplified installation.

The name "coaxial" cylindrical geared motor receives from the fact that its output shaft is located on the same axis with the motor (shaft coaxial arrangement in the vertical plane). In its assembly cylindrical coaxial gearmotor slightly similar to the wave, cycloid and planetary gearboxes.

Cylindrical geared motors are designed to operate as electromechanical actuators general applications.

We can offer you the following range of cylindrical gearmotors:

  • Gearmotors single-stage MC
  • Gearmotors single-stage M1CU
  • Gearmotors two-stage planetary-piston MPSH
  • Gearmotors two-stage worm-cylindrical MCHS
  • Gearmotors two-stage coaxial 1MC2S
  • Gearmotors two-stage coaxial 4MC2S
  • Gearmotors two-stage cylinder-toroidal 2MRCT
  • Gearmotors two-stage cylinder-worm 2MRCCH
  • Gearmotors two-stage M1C2U
  • Gearmotors two-stage vertical MC2V
  • Gearmotors three-stage worm-cylindrical MCHC2
  • Gearmotors three-stage M1C3U
  • Gearmotors three-stage vertical MC3V