Planetary gearboxes and geared motors

Planetary reducer (gearbox) - a reducer, which gear is a planetary, that is several gear-wheels satellites revolve around the central wheel. By types are divided into one-, two-, and three-stage. Location shafts can be both vertical and horizontal. In most of the kinematic scheme of planetary gear units can be combined with different types of gears, such as conic gears, a worm-type gears and with cylindrical gears. Produced in two basic versions - on the feet and on the flange.

The main advantages of this type of gear are: broad kinematic capabilities, high torque at the output shaft, large gear ratios, high impact resistance, even distribution of the radial forces on the body, rather modest dimensions and low weight.

Planetary reduction motor (geared motor, gearmotor) consists of a planetary gear unit and the drive motor. Designed for complete electromechanical drive equipment, machinery and general purpose machines in various industries.

The main advantages of planetary gearmotors are: compact size and light weight, wide range of gear ratios, high levels of efficiency, Possibility continuous operation at a constant load.

The main drawback of the planetary gearmotors is the limited thermal power.
Geared motors of this type are suitable for use in moderate climates.

We can offer you the following range of planetary gear units:

  • Reducers single-stage 3P
  • Reducers single-stage planetary-lantern PCR

We can offer you the following assortment of planetary gearmotors:

  • Gearmotors single-stage 3MP (1MPz)
  • Gearmotors single-stage MPO-1M
  • Gearmotors single-stage MR1
  • Gearmotors single-stage vertical MRV-02
  • Gearmotors two-stage MPO-2M
  • Gearmotors two-stage MR2
  • Gearmotors two-stage 3MP (1MPz2)
  • Gearmotors two-stage special MPz2M
  • Gearmotors two-stage planetary-piston MPSH
  • Gearmotors two-stage vertical MRV-04
  • Gearmotors three-stage 3MP (1MPz3)