Worm gearboxes and geared motors

Worm reducer (gearbox) is a mechanical device for the transmission of rotation between the skew (usually at right angles) by means of the worm shaft and associated worm gear. The worm is shaft with trapezoidal or close to it screw-thread, and the worm wheel is a toothed wheel whose teeth are of particular arcuate shape. The worm gear includes a worm on an arc (typically 100°).

Lead in the worm gear reducer is usually a worm driven - the worm gear; In rare cases (for overdrive) can be leading the worm gear. The most common worm gear units are used cylindrical worms; worms with windings on the toroidal surfaces used in globoid gear. Depending on the number of thread starts (cutting threads) distinguish single, double and quadrifilar worms; shaped profile of the coil - archimedean, with concave profile and other worms.

Worm reduction motor (geared motor, gearmotor) called by the form of the worm gear, inside the gearbox, transmission and transforming torque. The screw, which lies at the heart of the worm gear, looks like a worm, hence the name, and the worm wheel, which is a kind of helical gears. The worm gear may be a mechanical one or more planetary gears.

There are two main types of worm gears: cylindrical (cylindrical worms) and globoid (with cone worm). The worm gear motor torque increase and decrease in the angular velocity of the output shaft is due to the conversion of the energy contained in the high angular velocity and low torque on the input shaft.

Worm geared motors are widely used in hoisting applications, in transport and processing machines, etc.

Due to its design, geared motors with worm gear characterized by a smooth and quiet operation. The advantages of worm gear motor can also include compact - worm gear motor is much smaller compared to the same gear motor gear with the same gear ratio. A characteristic feature of the worm gear motor is self-locking feature.

Worm geared motors are deployed at 90° location of the output shaft, which is convenient when there is no way (for example, in size) to arrange all the gear motor with a coaxial arrangement of the shaft.

We can offer you the following range of worm gearboxes:

  • Reducers single-stage universal CH
  • Reducers single-stage universal 2CH
  • Reducers single-stage globoid 1CHg (CHg)
  • Reducers two-stage universal CH2
  • Reducers two-stage cylinder-worm globoid CCHg

We can offer you the following range of worm gearmotors:

  • Gearmotors single-stage MCH
  • Gearmotors single-stage 2MCH
  • Gearmotor two-stage MCH2-40-63
  • Gearmotor two-stage MCH2-40-80
  • Gearmotor two-stage MCH2-40-100
  • Gearmotor two-stage MCH2-63-100
  • Gearmotor two-stage MCH2-63-125
  • Gearmotor two-stage MCH2-80-125
  • Gearmotor two-stage MCH2-80-160
  • Gearmotor two-stage MCH2-100-160