Helical Parallel Shaft Gear Speed Reducers

Helical Parallel Shaft Gear Speed Reducers


RCD (РЦД) parallel shaft helical gear speed reducers, with extremely rugged construction for housing or shaft mounting, provide unmatched performance, durability and design features.

Features & Benefits

  • Double reduction stages.
  • Solid or hollow shafts available.
  • Carbon steel shafts.
  • Involute gearing.
  • Rugged high quality cast iron housings.
  • Oversized bearings for high overhung load ratings.
  • Resistant to dirt and debris.
  • Synthetic oil lubrication maximum for efficiency and long maintenance free operation.
  • Compatible with most existing industrial machines.


  • Transmission
  • Construction Machinery
  • General Industrial Machinery
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Bulk Material Handling
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Conveyors
  • Overhead cranes
  • Steel production and processing
  • Mineral processing


  • Ratios to 40:1
  • Output Torque to 2300 Nm (20300 in-lbs)
  • Input Speed to 1500 RPM
  • Case Sizes (length/width/height) from 520/250/315 to 800/360/510 mm (from 20.4/9.8/12.4 to 31.5/14.1/20")

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